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ChildFund International 

M&E and Knowledge Management Specialist  


The M&E and Knowledge Management  Specialist Position for the Americas, seeks to support the process of assuring the quality of M&E and KML practices in accordance with industry standards and in accordance with ChildFund global systems and processes. He/she also supports global program strategic initiatives when needed. The Specialist will provide technical guidance and support in the process of continuous design,  management and improvement of M&E/KML  practices, processes and systems. The specialist will provide data processing and analysis support to NOs and formulate conclusions and recommendations for NO decision-making. He/She will also support  institutional capacity building, and could provide support during resource mobilization proposal development initiatives. The position seeks to promote  internal and external efforts to improve institutional learning.     


The main purpose of this position is to serve as a resource available to NOs to assist them with the M&E and KML related aspects of their  programs. The SSE and Knowledge Management  Specialist is expected to spend at least 80% of his/her time on NO assignments, whose objective and time dedication will be agreed through specific Terms of Reference. 

Technical Support for Program and Partnerships  Leads the implementation of  the global organizational M&E framework and supporting   systems to enhance accountability and  impact monitoring, quality   control and evaluation  Leads the design and implementation of a regional approach to M&E and  knowledge management, including the design and implementation of a common partner and project monitoring and evaluation system.  Leads on the development of monitoring and data collection plans and methodologies, including the use of appropriate tools. 

As commissioned by NOs, leads the design and executing of baseline surveys, mid-term evaluations, specialized studies and final evaluations include sampling   methodologies, data collection instruments, analysis and report development.  Leads the design and implementation of standardized  project level M&E with appropriate tools.  Ensures that program and project  designs have a rigorous logic between  activities, outputs, results and indicators, i.e. to ensure that all programs/projects   are based on logical and sound log frames.   Supports annual reviews and reflections with implementing partner staff and communities and analyze data trends towards objectives achievement.   Leads the development of programs and project management information  system at NO, harnessing new information technology for the compilation, analysis, storage, and retrieval of data and knowledge for program development and improvement.    Leads the processing and analysis of M&E data and information and provide   relevant recommendations for NO decision-making.  Supports NOs and Partner organizations on data quality and integrity.  

 Supports the building of  staff and partner capacities in M&E and Knowledge   Management with the purpose of improving program competencies, measurement of indicators  and performance.   Leads learning networks of practitioners that can serve as a capacity building resource and facilitate the documentation, organization and sharing of information.   Performs skills and educational needs assessment so as to undertake training programs to build necessary capacity.  


 At least 5 years of related experience with NGOs, M&E, program management  and/or technical support.  Service-oriented.  Understanding of  current program and M&E methodologies and standards.   Demonstrated success in designing, monitoring and evaluating programs.   Knowledge on and experience with statistical data design and analysis and supporting software.  Understanding of the nature of ChildFund International organization, programs and networks or knowledge and experience with similar organizations.   Ability to identify appropriate resources.   Effective skills in cross cultural communication and the ability to clearly articulate expectations.   Readiness and ability to analyze, understand and take into account different cultural contexts and concepts.  Ability to clearly and concisely communicate ideas and strategies to a variety of audiences.    Fluent in spoken and written Spanish, preferable with good English capability or willingness to learn. Knowledge of Portuguese is an added advantage.  Ability to travel at least 50% of the time  


 As a minimum, relevant Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in development-related field. Equivalent relevant work experience maybe acceptable in lieu of degree.

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